I went to Spain with friends in June this year and I must say I had a wonderful experience!!! The weather was great all through the summer period, people were friendly and helpful and the night life was superb! I was amazed when I saw elderly people out with their partners enjoying the night life.

Catalonia where I stayed has a beach with nearly white sand and a clear blue sea. Something else that really baffled me was that people didn’t mind stripping naked at the beach! Such an act would have caused a stir in England if not a harassment sue. Mothers, fathers and kids stripped down naked in a public beach and lay on their backs basking in the sun! My mouth was hanging wide open and I almost bursted out laughing.

Spain is a country situated in South Western Europe and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Madrid is its largest city and capital next to Barcelona.

Spaniards are culturally oriented people, 75% of them are Roman Catholics and the official language is Spanish. Music, dance and festivals are an essential part of their culture. The six string guitar was invented in Spain in the 1750s but was doubled stringed at the time like today’s 12 strings guitars. It was gradually modified to its modern shape over the years. Something else Spanish people are enthusiastic about is football. Real Madrid and Barcelona ranks second and third on the list of most valuable clubs compiled by Forbes and Spain is the first on FIFA list of World Ranking.

Another popular sport in Spain is bullfighting. It has been an integral part of their tradition for years.  Bulls are released into a ring with matadors (bullfighters) and are taunted and provoked to fight till they are weak and then killed with the thrust of a sword. This ‘blood sport’ though a source of entertainment and tourist attraction for years has been criticized by animal lovers as brutality to animals.

Spain is the fourth most visited country in the world, 56.7 million people visited in 2011. I will definitely revisit and if you haven’t been there, consider it.



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